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Students at all levels are required to wear a school uniform purchased exclusively from NEAT Uniforms, every day.

Our uniforms provide a sense of inclusion, equality and school pride. When wearing a school uniform, a student feels connected to the community and all of the values represented by their uniform. In addition, a uniform relieves students from the pressure of conformity and encourages individuality through action. Students must identify and distinguish themselves through their behaviour rather than their appearance.

There are, however, options within the uniform so that students can select the combination that meets their comfort. Children of Integrity has a “required” uniform along with “optional” items that they may choose to wear while at school. All students must have one complete “required” uniform – this is considered our formal attire. This “Formal Uniform” is to be worn every Tuesday (our school is showcased through weekly school tours on this day) and Special Occasions. As all students are expected to dress in their uniforms every day, we recommend each student has a minimum of 3 shirts, 2 pants and 2 sweaters/cardigans. 

Uniforms are expected to be clean, neat and tidy. Please note, no nail polish, make-up, or jewelry is permitted.  Stud earrings are okay. 

Along with our school uniforms, we ask each child has a pair of plain, solid black shoes to be used as “inside shoes”. These shoes should be free of words, pictures or any symbols/logos. They should also be lightweight, soft, flexible and comfortable. NEAT Uniforms has an array of black shoes available or they may be bought at other stores, following the above guidelines.

All Elementary students are required to have a complete PE uniform purchased from NEAT Uniforms.

We encourage all children to arrive to school in their running shoes so that they have them at the school, available for use during gym time and recess.

All articles of clothing need to be labeled with your child’s name.


Uniform Policy Enforcement

Children of Integrity Montessori Academy students are required to attend school dressed in the school uniform as outlined here. If there is a valid reason for your child to be out of uniform, please write an explanatory note to the student’s teacher. If a student attends without the correct uniform, the first violation will be marked with a verbal reminder and the second with a written notice to the parents. On the third occasion the child will be permitted to class provided the parent is willing to return with their child’s proper uniform.  In the event this is not possible, the child will need to return home with their parent. All enforcement of this policy is at the discretion of the Head of School.


Used Uniform Sale and Exchange

Children of Integrity offers a closed facebook group for gently used uniforms.  This Buy & Sell Group has been created to provide a place for our Children of Integrity families looking to buy and/or sell gently used uniforms previously purchased at Neat Uniforms. All sale pick-ups are to be arranged between the buyer and seller – thank you.

To visit our Uniform Sale and Exchange Facebook page: click here


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