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Enrichment Programs


At Children of Integrity Montessori, Mandarin is introduced at the Kindergarten level where it is integrated into the students’ daily program in the form of greetings (including expression of various feelings), songs, numbers and calendar, seasonal and weather related vocabulary.

At the elementary level, children continue to enrich their vocabulary and conversation skills. In addition, they have formal Mandarin lessons twice a week which include reading and writing in Mandarin. Whenever possible, field trips are also organized to offer our children an opportunity to practice their Mandarin speaking skills.

The primary goal of our physical education program is to create an environment where students can learn skills, techniques, rules, and physical exercise in a positive atmosphere without having to experience a fear of failure, pressure to succeed, or a negative self-image. We recognize the importance of physical fitness to the health of our students and we offer them opportunities for movement through dance, drama, and a variety of sports.

Physical Education activities have included but are not limited to: cooperative games, track and field, tennis, rock climbing, volleyball, lacrosse, swimming, tap dance, field hockey, soccer, hiking, yoga, kayaking, skating, and nutrition.

Children in our Kindergarten – Grade 7 programs participate in annual Skating and Swimming Lessons.

The music program includes basic music history, singing, music appreciation, listening, playing instruments and performance.

Fine art is an integral component of the school curriculum. The program is designed to guide the students in the discovery of their own potential for artistic expression, through the study of art history and the introduction of different visual art techniques.

The themes selected serve as a compliment and reinforcement of the academic program, fostering creative thinking in the students as well as their love and understanding of the arts.


Field Trips and Special Visitors enhance our Montessori curriculum and provide opportunities for the children to explore the world around us. These experiences make a deep impression on the children. Nothing can substitute the experience of feeding farm animals, planting strawberries, snow sledding at nearby mountains or sounding the siren on a fire engine.

Field Trips are also times for our younger Montessori community (Preschool and Casa) to spend time together with many of our parents joining us on our field trips, making these days even more special!!