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After School Art Club

I am very proud to showcase a few pictures of the wonderful work my friends from the After School arts and crafts program did during their first term of school. We stayed true to ourselves by using recycled materials and turning them into beautiful art pieces and/or crafts. I believe it is very important for everyone to be able to decorate their room, their house, and their life with things that their own hands have created. The process of constructing these pieces shapes children’s imagination and creativity, and calls them to be brave to try something new. In every class, we create different projects using different materials, different approaches, and different techniques. And we have so much fun experimenting and exploring together!

In this busy new millennium, when children are excessively exposed to technology, it is crucial for them to be busy and to develop creative interests using their hands. Please see for yourself their beautiful creations!”

– Ms. Elitza, Art Instructor


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