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Special boxed lunches on Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, students in our Elementary and Senior Elementary classes prepared a Valentine’s Boxed Lunch for a friend in their class.  Each child chose the name of a classmate or teacher for whom he or she would prepare and decorate a healthy boxed lunch, including a small sweet treat! The purpose of this activity is to involve the children in performing a thoughtful act for a classmate or teacher and to have fun!


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February Casa Amore 2014 Update

In January, our Casa Amore children settled in nicely after their winter break.  We welcomed our new friend Charlotte, who quickly adapted to the classroom routine and made many friends.  Our younger children continue practicing their skills in the practical life area and are gradually beginning to explore other areas of the classroom as well.

The Kindergarten children are challenging themselves with more advanced work.  As a result, their self esteem and confidence are soaring.  We are so proud of their accomplishments each and every day!  They are truly taking on the role of leaders by helping the younger ones on a daily basis.

Early February,  our Kindergarteners attended the sexual health presentation along with the Year 1 children.  Among other things, they learned the proper terminology for human anatomy.  We now continue to explore with them the topic of human anatomy with the help of age related books. As for our younger children, they are learning about body parts and their functions with related songs and activities.

In January, we celebrated the Lunar New Year.  We talked about the Chinese culture, traditions and festivities that revolve around dancing dragons, fire crackers and beautiful costumes.  The most fun part of this learning experience was savoring the delicious dumplings and wontons prepared lovingly by our friends in Casa Pace and the Elementary classes.

In February, we welcomed another new friend, Owen.  Our community is getting bigger and richer with every new precious child joining our lovely Casa Amore! On February 14, we were preparing a friendship fruit salad in class, where the children helped cut and prepare fruit (after having a lesson with the knife) and then enjoyed it with their class community.

We are planning a field trip before March break. More details to follow soon. A special thank you to all the parents who had a chance to come in for classroom observations. We hope you enjoyed getting a little peek into your child’s day at school.


Lena, Terry, Julia & Nicola


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January 2014 Casa Pace Update

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a warm and relaxing winter break. I was hoping for a lot of snow for my traditional snowman building with Aegi but I didn’t get a chance to this year.  Although I’m not quite giving up yet!

On Fridays, the children will be baking yummy but healthy goodies. Please send a small container with your child’s name on it so they can bring some home to share with you.

This semester, the children have asked to do Yoga instead of Zumba. They are learning many new poses and songs with Miss Jane and are having a blast!

Our focus for this term is on winter sports since the Olympics will be happening very soon. We have been reading books about hockey, having discussions on what the children’s favourite sports are and the importance of staying active. One of our students shared that making snowmen was her favourite “sport”!  We are planning for a field trip this term so please watch for more information in the next few weeks.

We hope all of you had a chance to observe your child this week.  We must say that we were VERY proud of how our students (and our parents!) held back from talking to their parents and did not allow themselves to get distracted.  Thank you to all of you for respecting your 20 minute time slot!  I hope this observation gave you a little peek into how your child’s day is spent at school.

For Chinese New Year, the children made some delicious pork wontons.  They made enough to share with their Casa Amore friends and with the teachers.  We hope you enjoyed some at home.  They have already started making their lanterns and are helping to decorate the classroom.  We have been talking about the Chinese Zodiac and how the animals competed in the race to be in the calendar and which animal year they were born in.

In February, we will be focussing on Friendship and Love.  For Valentine’s Day, we will be making our traditional Friendship Fruit Salad where each child will bring their favourite fruit(s) and help to make a salad.  They will be washing, peeling and cutting the fruits all by themselves (after having a lesson) and will be sharing with all their friends in the class.

We would like to welcome Ethan, Rayhan, and Saif into our Casa Pace community! Rayhan and Saif will be in the 4 hour program so we’re hoping that our “lunchers” will be able to guide and help our new friends to quickly feel at home in our environment.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Jinah and Jane


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Annual Skating Lessons for 2014

The classroom curriculum is significantly enriched and expanded when students visit and observe for themselves certain aspects of community life and the natural environment as well as when they participate and acquire skills and appreciation for sports.  These school field trips provide valuable educational experiences and are planned as a regular part of the complete school program.

Every year our Kindergarten, Elementary and Senior Elementary students participate in skating lessons at the Port Moody Recreation Centre.  Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped drive and supervise this amazing group of children!  All of the students had a great time, and staff and parents once again marvel at how quickly the children’s skills improved!


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