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All the Colours of the Rainbow

This year’s Winter Concert was written by our very own Elementary teacher, Gina McMurchy-Barber!  Through dance and song, our preschool and elementary children presented this heart-felt play “All the Colours of the Rainbow”.

“For some people different-ness is an obstacle,  problem to be solved and a cause for fighting.  For others, different-ness is what gives music its tempos, rhythm and beat, paints the sky and canvas pink and mauve, and opens up the many paths to heaven.  It’s true that different-ness can sometimes make things awkward and slow.  But to remove the things that make us unique would be like taking away the yellows, red and oranges of autumn, or spring’s many shades of pink, or “all the colours of the rainbow”.  And what would life be like if there were no different-ness?  It would all be as plain as black and white!”     – Gina McMurchy-Barber, Teacher and Author


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