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What more could we have asked for than warm weather and a water hose?!!

The children LOVED being outside with the sprinklers and water balloons!  We had fun fishing, playing animal ring toss, making paper boats and ice sculptures.  But our favourite was the water balloons! Who knew throwing water balloons could cause so much laughter and giggles!  We especially enjoyed our frozen water balloon activity.  After freezing the water balloons, the children were asked to guess what would happen if we put salt all over them.  After their experiment, they poured food colouring all over their balloon and observed in awe as the food colour spread beautifully all over the ice.  It was a really COOL experiment!  On the rare rainy day that we had, we each decorated a picture frame with our sea creature drawing in it.  We asked what kind of sea creature the children wanted to be and the answers were quite interesting and unique.  Some of them wanted to be a sea urchin or an octopus!  Our field trip to Rocky Point Park was amazing.  The weather was hot, the water was cold, we rested underneath the shade of big trees and just had FUN, FUN, FUN!  What a way to end our Summer Camp!

Thanks to our summer campers, our tables and chairs are now squeaky clean!  They helped clean up our classroom for the upcoming year, got soaking wet and had tons of fun in the process!


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