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Summer Camp Weeks 3 – 4: Tasty Pastry

Our two weeks of Tastry Pastry were a great success!  The children showed excitement everyday and had great fun making all sorts of treats.  Our little chefs were baking or making something new each day, getting their hands dirty, covered in flour, and loving every moment of it!  On our first day, we baked some chocolate cookies.  It’s hard to tell what the children enjoyed more, licking their hands with the raw batter on it or tasting the finished product!

 Our little chefs also had a chance to make orange muffins, ginger molasses cookies, Armenian cookies, craft dough, sushi, pizza (from scratch), fruit kabobs, fruit popsicles, jello, and oatmeal yogurt muffins.  Needless to say, our class was filled with delicious smells everyday!  We finished off our two weeks of Tastry Pastry by going to Cobs Bread at Sunwood Square.  They gave us a tour of their kitchen and showed us some awesome, BIG machines!  The children all got a chance to make their own pizza bread and chocolate scones. We couldn’t have asked for a better field trip ~ it was the perfect way to wrap up our two-week Tasty pastry theme!

Miss. Jinah and Ms. Lena

Summer Camp Weeks 1 – 2: Creative Hands

What a fun way to start the Summer Camp! We put on smocks and let our imagination take us to the world of art. We laid out our art activities in the covered area and got our hands messy with paint. We also enjoyed sponge painting and spray painting. It was so much fun to see the spray paint overlap and new colors emerge to the surface. We rolled up our sleeves and even painted some furniture! Our hands got sticky with the paper mache activity. Then we moved on to constructing robots and creating polystyrene structures. We went on a safari trip in the playground with our colored glasses and masks on. So many ways to discover our inner artist and so much fun!!
In the classroom, we continued to explore and expand on our Montessori lessons. Everyday we enjoyed the wonderful sunny weather in the playground and rested while having an outdoor picnic at lunchtime. We all looked forward to the field trip to Port Moody Art Center on the last day of camp. The theme was Let Your Artist Out. After the children got introduced to artworks from many artists, they chose their favorite painting to sit in front of and painted their version of it. Later, the children created their self-portrait in front of a mirror. It was very interesting to see them examine their features and turn it into artwork. We finished the day with a visit to the pottery studio. Creative hands summer camp was memorable and a lot of fun for all of us!
Ms Lena and Ms Terry