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A visit to Maplewood Farms with Casa and Preschool

Farms are so much more than crops and animals or fields and tractors. Farms serve as a primary source of food for everyone. Farms provide various types of foods, and typically, there is something available for everyone’s taste and pleasure. Introducing young children to farms and nutrition education at an early age is extremely beneficial. Visiting farms allows children to see firsthand how fruits and vegetables are planted, fertilized, maintained, and harvested. Children can learn about the different types of farms and the foods which they supply. Visiting farms also allows children to understand the connection between nutrition education and agriculture.

Our Preschool and Casa classes enjoyed their “Behind the Scenes” look into the operations of Maplewood Farm on May 9. These activities included egg collection and washing, animal grooming, setting up food and exploring “Staff Only” areas!

We especially enjoyed the warm sunshine and baby animals!


Visit: http://maplewoodfarm.bc.ca/

Photos by: Michael Rendulic

Visiting Fort Langley as we learn about the Gold Rush

On May 8, 2013, the Senior Elementary and Elementary classes went to Fort Langley.  We have been learning about the gold rush and our teachers (Gina McMurchy-Barber and Susan Brooks) thought it might be  a perfect opportunity to learn there.  First, we went to the graveyard to try and find the oldest headstone.  Then we went to a lovely park and saw a memorial statue of Victoria’s Governor, James Douglas.  Then at the fort, we panned for gold (iron pyrate), we saw the servant’s quarters, and learned about the blacksmith, the cooper, and much more!  At the big house, we got to learn to waltz!

Written by:

Maggie (Grade 4 Student)


Photos by:

Michael Rendulic