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Preschool and Casa Visit Space Centre

Our Casa and Preschool students went to visit the HR MacMillian Space Centre recently.  They got to experience “In My Backyard with Fred Penner” in the Star Theatre.  This show features renowned Canadian children’s entertainer Fred Penner, as he explores the changes that take place in his backyard and in the sky over the course of a year. We learned about the seasons, day and night, the planets, and constellations.  

A hands-on workshop followed after the Start Theatre on “Suiting Up for Space” where the students learned about space travel. What do we need to pack into our Space Ship? Astronaut Food and Water!  Through felt-board discussion and props, this program helped prepare our budding Astronauts for the strange environment of space. We even get to try astronaut ice cream!


Preschool Classroom March Updates

Can you believe it’s March already?  With spring sneaking up on us, we are wishing for warmer weather so we can enjoy the outdoors with our children.  Please ensure that the children are dressed warmly and prepared for outside play, especially on sunny days.  
Our recent field trip to the Planetarium was filled with excitement and learning  After asking the children what their favourite part was, most of them said it was trying the astronaut ice cream.  Who knew “dried” ice cream could be so delicious!  The children really enjoyed being in the theatre and watching a short video about the seasons, constellations and planets.  They were mesmerized by the dome shaped theatre and the information that was given to them.  We even had a few children say they want to become an astronaut when they grow up! 
With the season changing in a few weeks, we have decided to focus on learning about land.  What grows on land, who lives on land and why is land important to us will be some of the questions we will be discussing in the classroom.  After we come back from our spring break, we are hoping to plant some flowers outside of our classroom and start some planting exercises.  So please don’t be surprised when your child starts to bring home little cups of planted seeds =)
With Joy being our virtue for this month, we had many opportunities to discuss what joy means to us and how we can incorporate joy into every situation.  You can ask them how they can clean up their room in a joyful way (the ideas all came from the children =) ).
We hope you all have a safe and exciting spring break!  We are looking forward to our last semester (I can’t believe it!) and will be looking forward to seeing the children’s beautiful smiles when they return!
Jinah and Jane