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Preschool and Casa Visit Applebarn

On Thursday, October 11, our Casa and Preschool students ventured out to the Apple Barn Pumpkin Farm. At the farm, the children learned about the apple growing seasons and the role bees play. They tasted fresh apple cider and apple slices, met some very nice rabbits and goats, as well as a pig or two, and watched apples being sorted.

One of the favorite parts of the trip was a hay ride to the pumpkin patch, where each child was able to pick out a perfect pumpkin. We also enjoyed jumping on a very large Jumping Pillow! Everyone was quite happy the rain stayed away and the sun made a few appearances.

As one student said, his favorite part was, “Everything!”

Photos taken by Belinda, Julian & Michael.

Pizza Wednesdays: Hot Lunch Program

Pizza Wednesday…our very first one to launch for the school year…was an absolute success!  With excitement, children and teachers from all  classes came to purchase healthy slices of whole wheat crust pizza with fresh toppings from Panago to support the K/1’s fundraiser while practicing manners, grace and courtesy, service, and money exchange.

We are very grateful to our helpful hands, Alina and Natasha, as they served up approximately 85 slices of pizza with ease.  Decked in aprons, gloves, manners, and eagerness to serve, it was such a wonderful experience for all.  Thank you Linda, our parent volunteer, for your help! The children are already looking forward to next week!

Pizza Day Hot Lunch will be available every Wednesday throughout the school year.  Each slice will cost $1.50, and there will be three varieties to choose from: cheese blend, pepperoni and Hawaiian (Ham/pinapple).

Our Thanksgiving Day: Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a Grimm Brothers tale about returning soldiers and their guise to get a starving town to learn the lesson of cooperation and its benefits. According to the story, some travelers come to a village, carrying nothing more than an empty pot. Upon their arrival, the villagers are unwilling to share any of their food stores with the hungry travelers. The travelers fill the pot with water, drop a large stone in it, and place it over a fire in the village square. One of the villagers becomes curious and asks what they are doing. The travelers answer that they are making “stone soup”, which tastes wonderful, although it still needs a little bit of garnish to improve the flavor, which they are missing. The villager doesn’t mind parting with just a little bit to help them out, so it gets added to the soup. Another villager walks by, inquiring about the pot, and the travelers again mention their stone soup which hasn’t reached its full potential yet. The villager hands them a little bit of seasoning to help them out. More and more villagers walk by, each adding another ingredient. Finally, a delicious and nourishing pot of soup is enjoyed by all.

 Hence, “nothing” is revealed to be something after all.

In honour of Thanksgiving, Elementary and Senior Elementary Students celebrated with a special potluck luncheon on October 4th while Casa, Preschool, and K/1 classes enjoyed a community made Stone Soup, yummy pumpkin pie and fresh bread on October 5th.




Students at COI Run for Terry Fox Foundation

On Thursday, September 27, our school joined millions of students across Canada for the Terry Fox National School Run Day.

We began in the gym where we did a short warm up before the run and discussed our “Me to We” school wide theme for 2012-2013.